Welcome to the Brighton Lacrosse Club

Welcome to Brighton Lacrosse Club South Australia, the home of the Brighton Bombers. Founded in 1929, we’re a cornerstone of South Australian lacrosse, committed to fostering a welcoming, family-oriented environment. At our club, we have a long-standing tradition of promoting sportsmanship and skill in lacrosse. Join us in celebrating the sport of lacrosse!

About the Club

Discover our journey from a humble beginning in 1929 to becoming a leading lacrosse club in Australia. Our story is one of passion, community, and sporting excellence.

What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse, often described as the fastest game on two feet, is an exhilarating sport combining speed, skill, and strategy. Originating from Native American communities, it has evolved into a dynamic team sport played worldwide. In lacrosse, players use a stick with a netted head to carry, pass, catch, and shoot a small rubber ball, aiming to score goals against the opposing team.

Learn more about the origins of this amazing sport here.

Membership Information

Explore our range of player and social membership options.

Become a Bomber

Looking to try lacrosse or hone your skills? Our club welcomes players of all ages and abilities. Join our growing community and be part of an exciting sport!

Club Facilities

Looking for the perfect venue for your next event? Brighton Lacrosse Club offers a unique space for both social gatherings and corporate events. With competitive rates and a convenient location, our club is the ideal choice for hosting your event locally. Experience a welcoming atmosphere and make your event a memorable one at our club.