BLC Membership and Fees information


The junior fees are the full fee WITHOUT the $100.00 SA Govt Sports Voucher applied.

Under 8s/11s $200.00
Under 13s $235.00
Under 15s $250.00
Under 18s $265.00
* ALL new junior players at BLC receive a brand new stick and ball as part of their membership
** Children from reception to year 9 are eligible for a $100.00 Government Sports Voucher in 2024


The grade juniors play in is mostly determined by their age at the 31st of December of the previous year.  The age brackets are:

Grade Age as at 31/12
Under 8 5 to 7
Under 11 8 to 10
Under 13 11 to 12
Under 15 13 to 14
Under 18    15 to 17




Juniors playing seniors (JPS) $335.00
Concession* $335.00
Senior player (men/women) $410.00
* Concession to be approved by our Club Treasurer




Payment Options

Once you’ve registered to play we ask that you pay your fees as soon as possible.

  • Online (preferred payment option)
    You can purchase your social and playing memberships via our secure online store.
    If using a Sports Voucher this year you’ll find a fee option that covers this.
    Click the button and pay your fees today.
    *If purchasing multiple memberships of the same type please add them to the cart one at a time to ensure the player’s name is captured for each membership
  • Direct Transfer 
    BSB: 105900
    ACCT: 135530540
    Description: <enter the player’s name or surname and grade (+ voucher if using a Sports Voucher)
    e.g. JONES U11 voucher, EMERY JPS, SMITH U15B etc
  • Pay at the club

* For bank transfer or at club purchases – if you’ll be using a Sports Voucher you only need to pay the difference i.e. for a $200.00 U11 fee you pay $100.00

Payment Conditions

  • Full fees are due by June 30th 2024.  This applies whether you’re paying in full or on an agreed payment plan.
  • If you would like to request a payment plan, please contact our treasurer as soon as possible via
  • A late fee payment may mean a late payment fee and or selection ineligibility
  • Sports Vouchers ($100) are again available as part payment for children from Reception up to Year 9.  Sports voucher registration is a part of our online registration process.  Please carefully review the voucher section whilst registering, paying special attention to your Medicare number (11 digits EXACTLY).
  • The Committee does not wish to place members under financial hardship; however Concessional Fees are not automatic and must be approved. Request for concessional fees to be emailed to the Club Treasurer, and to include evidence of eligibility.  If no evidence of eligibility is provided, full playing fees are required.
  • Concessional Fees only apply to:
    – FULL TIME High School, TAFE or University students,
    – Jobseeker recipients,
    – Government Concession Card Holders
  • Players/Families suffering financial hardship that do not meet the Concessional Player Discount or require an extension on a payment plan need to email the Treasurer stating their situation.  This must be done before the 30 June deadline.   Such a request will be reviewed on an individual basis and will remain confidential.  Approval is not automatic.
  • All NEW junior players at BLC receive a brand new stick and ball as part of their membership
  • Any juniors playing in two junior grades may be requested to pay the higher grade membership fee.  Juniors playing seniors pay the “JPS” fee.



Non-playing social membership $25.00
* Social memberships are based on the Calendar year