The Black and Gold Bombers are Going Green!

With our new clubroom upgrade in 2020, it is only fitting that we upgrade our Waste Management practices to align with the recycling infrastructure South Australia and the City of Holdfast has to offer.   Brighton Lacrosse Club (BLC) has undertaken a review of its waste and recycling practices with Waste Management Consultants from Eco House Collective. 

Eco House Collective has developed a Waste Management Plan that is suited to the club needs and adopting a sustainability approach to managing our waste.  This has involved changing our we manage our waste and changing the sourcing of disposable items we use.

In past seasons BLC has:

  • collect deposit bottles and cans to fund projects within the club.
  • mixed recycling (glass, tins, plastic containers etc) are collected for yellow bin kerbside council collection.

In 2021 BLC will:

  • Dispose of cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging in a cardboard specific dumpster that the clubs in the sporting precinct share.
  • Thanks to the generous donation from BioBag we will be using compostable corn starch bags to line all of our bins. Eliminating plastic bags being sent to landfill.
  • All of our club managed bathroom and changeroom facilities have a dry compost bin, donated by BIN SHIFT, to collect paper towel and tissues to be turned into compost.
  • Our food service areas have food and organics bins to collect any food waste and compostable items to be turned into compost, disposed of through our council kerbside bin.
  • Our canteen, kitchen and bar are committed to working towards eliminating single-use plastic where possible. We are now using BioPak compostable cutlery, straws, napkins, coffee cups and wine glasses.
  • Through a partnership with Clean Up Australia’s Greening the Green initiative the club is working towards setting up soft plastics collection and recycling for items such as chip packets, snack wrappers and other food packaging items.
  • We are working towards bringing our waste management system on to the grounds during game days. This will allow spectators to dispose of food and organics, soft plastics, deposit cans and bottles and recyclables in purpose-built recycling bin hubs.
  • As a part of the Clubroom upgrade, Solar Panels have been installed. Our next project will be to investigate the viability of installation of solar batteries.

Thank you to the following sponsors that are assisting BLC with this 2021 initiative: